Why do bisexuals have to be discriminated against

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We analyzed the answer to the 937 bi + identification male survey. The survey covers a wide range of issues and explores which factors contribute to internalizing binaural phobia. For example, one of the questions is, “If they find that I am bisexual, people may not like me. I can only find friend on bisexual site of Bicupid.” We speculate that not only do we have to hear negative information about the double, but we also predict the arms of straight men and gays. The reaction can lead to internalized binaural phobia. This internalized bisexual phobia promotes the development of sexual obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Some people now deal with the duality of internalization and stress and sex. Many genders, even sexual coercion, act as an emotional regulation strategy to temporarily reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. But most graduates said: "In short, as a bisexual, we always hear negative news about us: we are insatiable, we can't be monogamous, we are confused, we don't exist, etc. Then some people refuse to date with us because of our (sexuality). When we hear these things over and over again, whether it is gay or homosexuality, we begin to internalize these negative things about bisexuality, thus making us Internalization. Even if we don't do what we start to think about these negative effects on ourselves, we will feel nervous. We will feel anxious. We think we will be discriminated against in the future because we have passed. "Of course, this will affect us. It increases the feeling of depression and anxiety (which is why bisexuals' mental health is worse than homosexuals and direct people).

The results show that the path of sexual compulsion is as he assumed. Experiencing binaural phobia and anti-bisexuality does increase exercise and lead to sexual obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, unexpected things appeared in the results. The discrimination of lesbian/gay men is closely related to the duality of anticipatory discrimination and internalization. However, discrimination against heterosexuals is only statistically significant. On the other hand, when discrimination comes from lesbians and gay men, it has a stronger impact than discrimination from heterosexuals.

Some people even said: "In other words, we are a bit expecting that this discrimination comes from direct people. But when we receive it from other members of the LGBTQ community - the community that should embrace and empower us - it will be more painful. It let us feel like we don't belong anywhere, not a strange family."

But why is this happening? We know that heterosexuals and lesbians, as well as gay men, have anti-bisexual prejudice and stereotypes. But the results are a bit surprising because we think the community is “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gay community”. For non-heterosexuals, it should be a safe haven. But we learned from conversations with bisexuals that they often feel marginalized or ignored or invisible in these spaces. In fact it should be a warm environment, but in fact it is often not more harmful than the kind of discrimination experienced by heterosexual communities. "

So what can be done to help bisexuals struggle in sexual forcing? I recommend that the LGBTQ community, researchers and health professionals can better assist the special needs of bisexuals in several ways.

First, he pointed out that men and gay men should not be confused in the study. When this happens, the unique problems facing the dual community will disappear. On the other hand, we need to help bisexual men develop more adaptive health behaviors and more adaptive ways of coping with stress – rather than assuming that what is useful for gay men has the same effect on bisexual men.

Second, how can mental health service providers’ better help bisexuals? Of course, health professionals working with bisexual men need to recognize and address the unique problems of internalized binaural phobia. Given that non-heterosexual behavior is generally insulted, providers do have a positive impact on the sexual behavior of bisexual men and the seemingly different changes. You should strike a balance between helping to address the stress of out-of-control thinking or behavior around sexual behavior, while not humiliating bisexuality, because sex is a healthy and important part of everyone's life, including bisexual men.

Don't rely on dependence to cope with stress, try to date your game with your men and women and make friends with them. If you find yourself trying to solve this problem, you must start treating and solving the problem. You can try to tell your wife to match the third you find on threesome dating site, which will help you with the pressure. It is a pity that bisexual discrimination has not stopped in our lifetime, so we must do our best to protect our physical and mental health.

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